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You have chosen that music is a part of your professional life, whatever your affairs are composing, performing, teaching, learning, publishing, purchasing, programming, investing, … Your interests are ours.

Freelance And Partnerships In Music Software Development

With our experience of more than 20 years in the development of the Pizzicato music notation software on Windows and Mac, and of the musical API on Windows, Mac and iPad, we also provide freelance services for music software development.For custom and specific musical projects, we have the expertise and know-how needed to help you design your project in all or parts of your product design.We have access to all the features of the musical SDK and of the Pizzicato software and we can use some parts of it and assemble them to create or help to create the application you need.

We also take part in partnerships with other companies active in the field of music software development, with a spirit of collaboration and for sharing the progress made in music software so that the end users will be winning.

Our main expertise area is based on music notation as well as its dynamic relation to audio and MIDI playback and to graphic rendering.

You can write to us to the following email address and we will be able to discuss your project together:

Custom Music Software Development

You would like to create or sponsor an original music application ?  You are not yourself a developer ?We can help you to create your musical application.  This can be done as a specialized Pizzicato version or as a totally stand alone software.To give you an example, the Alternative Notation module of Pizzicato has been designed as a collaboration.  It uses the main structure of Pizzicato and contains a set of original features that have been developed based on a specification that was given to us.  You can find here a description of this module:

We have the basic material needed to build a new music software based on your specifications.  On Mac, Windows or iPad, we can help you to make your dreams come true and develop the music application you would like to sell, distribute or use in a project.

We will read your message with attention – and define a project if you ask for it. Please send it to :

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