Physiological and emotional arousals of music on composers/performers and listeners in the digital context


Composers and performers – their skills and their musical repertoire

In matter of music, artificial intelligence specialists help their readers to understand that the brain is the place both to give orders that create motor representations (for example singing) and perceptual representations (listening to music).

And indeed all music in practice is contained in these three words: creating, playing and listening.

Playing and listening permit to performers to increase the number of pieces included in their musical repertoire. And of course that gives both professional and amateur musicians more opportunities to play.

Computer music did not create that reality related to the fact that musicians who work more and more every day to understand music through playing associated to listening progress inevitably.

Nevertheless computer music helps musicians to reinforce both their perceptual memory and their ability to create new pieces of music.

Listeners and their emotions – music as source of well-being

It is evident that people who chose to learn music and pursue a career in that domain – and those who at adult age begin to invest most their time in it – love music, feel well-being and are sensible both to physiological and emotional arousals of music.

Now what about listeners – those who do not want to learn music or perform it? It is the same for the simple listeners than for performers, except of course that they only create perceptual representations of music, so their role is more passive in front of music.

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Their situation interests musicotherapists. These ones are musicians who acquired a sufficient knowledge in psychology and health to pretend helping people through music or showing them to explore new aspects of their personalities. Musicotherapists themselves produce motor representations to interact with their clients.

For all musicians

All musicians – composers, performers, etc. – can find an interest in music composition and notation software to create new music pieces aud augment their musical repertoire.

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