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Music and sociability – Music software can help

Music benefits on social life

Everyone deserves the chance to learn and practise music. Learning music improves skills training, self confidence and also social development. It has an incredible power to change life and build communities.

For that reason, on one hand, countless initiatives encourage young people thinking at pursuing music at the level of higher education. On the other hand, music hubs foster innovation in less favoured or more general environments (public schools, associations, etc).

And there are also special contexts like hospitals or centers which work for persons with disabilities. Happily a lot of music charity associations organize a lot of events for them.

chorale et une violoniste

Music software advantages – Sharing, engraving

Software is one key to successful learning of music, because it helps communities to share music more easily and individuals to get a training to a personal tempo. And teachers appreciate it because it is familiar to the tech universe so much loved by youth. So software can deserve the multi-faceted aspects of music education.

Amongst them, Pizzicato music composition and notation software is interesting because it includes complete user guides which offer numerous exercises in matter of solfeggio and music composition. Also you can engrave your music and share it easily on every internet website, including music sharing platforms.

I will not sum up here the hundreds of pages contained in the guides, you can download the free demonstration version of the program at and make your own opinion.

If you sing in a choir or play in a band outside work, keeping music as hobby, or if you are a composer or an interpreter, 1 of our 13 products can bring you some facilities in learning, writing or composing.

You will find more information at (you will be able to download all the complete user guides for free and more than 100 newsletter about composition).


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