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Pizzicato music composition and notation software – What kind of relationships with musicians ?

Pizzicato sheet music software was created to contribute to the enrichment of the musical art

Music software are created for musicians. They are programs which help to treat computer data so that their users can execute tasks in a more efficient way – here in the musical fieldwork. Efficient, quick, unique, smart. And for what concerns sheet music, it is about bringing page layout to perfection, composition optimization, and convenient sharing.

For example Mr. Dominique Vandenneucker, who created Pizzicato music composition and notation software more than 20 years ago, explains that its first goal was, is and will be to share with musicians the benefits of computer science in matter of music scores.

You can discover his storytelling related to his conception of Pizzicato here:

And the point of view of Pizzicato users there:

Users describe Pizzicato as an ‘expert system’. And if you want to measure how much that opinion is justified, test the free demo at

As I work with Dominique for 10 years, I precise that sharing ‘with musicians the benefits of computer science’ does not exclude at all the fact that Pizzicato can be more than (another) simple tool. All musicians would not want to and do not need to, but Pizzicato wants to facilitate the acquisition of music knowledge by beginning musicians as well as to guide more advanced ones towards the top of the musical composition art.

For example, between now 13 products, there is ‘Pizzicato Choir’. Its users, who are generally amateur chorists and persons without a real academic background, asked to Dominique if it would be possible to go further is matter of musical harmony, as they never had the occasion to learn it. And Dominique developped ‘Harmony and Counterpoint’, which is a very technical software to understand and master the rules of classical music harmony. Musicians can discover it at

Pizzicato music software helps beginning musicians to enrich their social life

The fact that music programs are tools do not prevent social and health benefits. It is of course not their main goals at all and nobody would pretend that they could play the role of some ‘virtual friend’. Nevertheless i will never forget the testimonial written by a former nurse around her experience of ‘Pizzicato’. Here is what she says :

“Pizzicato is for me a source of wellbeing. At social level first, this software brought me an occupation in my life after I retired, a reason to get up from my chair and make my brain work, also an occasion to have more human contacts. Thanks to Pizzicato, I feel less isolated and more active.
At the musical level, Pizzicato helps me to learn better, to read and write music easily. I work 2 hours a day with Pizzicato on my computer. At the beginning, I was using Pizzicato Beginner 2. Then I upgraded to Pizzicato Professional 2. Now I use Pizzicato Professional 3 and the SharpEye scanning software.
The result? I encode music as a pro! I am transposing, reducing and helping our conductor to write his own arrangements on music sheets. I am also responsible of our musical library.
Finally, I mention the great quality of the Pizzicato technical support. Mr Dominique Vandenneucker, designer of Pizzicato, always responded quickly to my e-mails, with kindness and patience. I never felt ridiculous. That is why I recommend Pizzicato to everyone.”

Isn’t it surprising ? She could have considered that, because she had paid for a software, it was logically a simple tool to use but no she associated the programming work made by Dominique to her own happiness. How surprising. As a marketeer I am trained to listen to customers, here I found a friend whose testimonial still enchants me.

Now I hope that Pizzicato music composition and notation software will help you both to enrich your contribution to the expansion and the enrichment of the musical fieldwork and that it will bring you one more occasion to increase your wellbeing.

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