You and Arpege Music Software – Special program for educationalists – Why a partnership ?

Motivations : they are yours

As your students are also your clients, we can suggest to be a part of your ongoing market strategy : do you want to buy software for your students ? Do you want to suggest to your students to buy software ? Both at special pricing.

We offer special pricing for education (discounts of 50% at least). And so what ? If you do not want to offer your time to make it know, it will not be efficient.

We present features, modern tools to help emerging artists to share and publish. And so what ? If expensive marketing campaigns made by the leaders of the market capture your attention, it is useless. And also if we do not position in a realistic way !

So, the real question maybe is : what is the way you want to drive your school or classroom ? and what may be your motivations ? Do these motivations meet our path or not ?

If your main goal are…

To expand the reputation of your school

To help your students

To make benefits with a view to preparing new projects

To open new ways to own creativity

… and that you are decided to give time and some space to present our music software to your network (first your staff then your clients)…

Then we can help you…

To find efficient and original tools

To share (computer) music knowledge with your classroom

To help other demanding teachers and students

And why not to increase your income (for example by creating a music method with our software)

Is your primary objective not on that list ? Then please, explain it to us. We want to learn from you and especially on these subjects :

What is your professional network and how can we help it in an efficient way and so deserve your confidence ?

What do your students need and how can we help you to support their target ?

Frequently heard questions and remarks…

Often we hear :

A lot of teachers feel insecured in front of music software because they think the tool could replace them. And self-taught musicians do not need tools to learn music.

Our philosophy is to ‘bring music to everyone’ however we do not think that it can happen without teachers. Especially for the learning of classical music, but also for other styles.

‘Make the switch’ and get fun tools for young pupils and students who are ‘over-connected’ and will certainly study much more willingly with ‘fun-but-serious’ tools like ‘Harmony and Counterpoint’, ‘Pizzicato Composition Pro’ and ‘Pizzicato Notation’ for example (more information at

music teacher and artist

Gwen (Belgium) is a music teacher however she appreciates that Pizzicato professional includes such a complete music course. Chris (Belgium) is an emerging artist (Belgium) who uses ‘Pizzicato’ to compose and he produces albums for his spouse who has a real audience and makes shows. 

Is your software academic and efficient for teachers who are also composers ?

Composers like Blair Ashby – Denver – and Mona Lei – Geneva – as well as many performing ensembles chose ‘Pizzicato’. Recently a professor in Berkeley ordered the program (he is a hobbyist however an academic person). No VIP however real professionals and their number growths.

composers and chorists

Photo : Blair Ashby (USA), Mona Lei (Switzerland) and French chorists who use Pizzicato

What about the quality ? 

Judge yourself :

Encoding Pizzi by pro

Encoded with ‘Pizzicato Keyboard’ by a professional (click on the image and see the scale of 100%), the typesetting is clear and beautiful…

Encoding Pizzi by student

Encoded with ‘Pizzicato Light’ by a student (click on the image and see the scale of 100%), one little step further in music knowledge…

Also, at home, the student can listen to the result without the teacher, so the acquisition of the knowledge is more easy. 

And we offer extraordinary deals for teachers and perfect technical service. That is why we already have 13 000 customers worldwide.

Teachers and students are not interested in software but only in sheet music / instruments. And we help them to find a publisher.

Often it depends on the fact that the use of a software is suggested or not. There is the question of the time and also the question of the space and the material dedicated to computer assisted music courses. If at least one teacher has the motivation to do it, he will get students.

The fact is that musicians do not need us to learn music of course, but sharing is easier with a software today. It can even be a popular way to disseminate music and get an audience when the young composer has some difficulty to find a publisher.

The software does not bring popularity and complete professional achievement in itself, however it can help the teacher and the musician to present decent sheet music books to music publishers, so it is a help to music publishing and licensing. You see here a method (2 books) created with Pizzicato Professional by Mrs. Nathalie Tagrine and published by Les Editions Van de Velde (France) :

Méthode Tagrine

Tagrine piano method (2 sheet music books) : created with Pizzicato music composition and notation software for the greatest joy of children

And for young teachers and artists who often have to produce music on a budget, they will appreciate cheaper (but high quality) ‘solo products’ like ‘Pizzicato Guitar’, ‘Pizzicato Keyboard’ or ‘Pizzicato Percussion’. If they are comfortable financially, ‘Pizzicato Professional’ can really be their personal ‘auto-publisher’ and help them to insert sheet music into numerous online databases.

Our main purpose is to support a music school and we cannot afford  the price of expensive software even with discount…

We have a completely free educational program for our elementary product ‘Pizzicato Light’ and special pricing for 8 products including ‘Pizzicato Professional’, ‘Harmony and Counterpoint’, ‘Pizzicato Notation’ and ‘Pizzicato Composition Pro’. Money is just a way for us to be sure that we can continue to develop quality products.  (more information at

Now are you motivated to present Pizzicato to your network ? If yes we suggest you to examine page and you can write us at for more information

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