Programmers and musicians : a deep affinity

At Arpege Music Software Development, we are astonished these days to discover how close is the relationship between musicians and coding.

In a general forum we read that it can happen that one top star is a coder and a long discussion is published which tries to determine circumstances and even ‘rules’ to link music and programming. In another forum, a similar long exchanges pretends to explore the ways in which music composition and coding ‘run together’.

On the US National Institutes of Health website, we find a scientific study (by Schmithorst VJ and Holland SK) which confirms that kind of thought and it talks about ‘correlation between musical training and math proficiency’.

Well, it seems difficult to follow strictly these behavioural or cognitivist discussions. We will simply say that both music and programming :

– are systems

– have logic rules

But the connection between passion for music and enthusiasm for coding keep personal and social aspects, related for example to :

– education (what the family and the social context offered during the ‘student age’ of life)

– taste (a mysterious factor, which can qualified by some as a ‘natural’ element of the personality, but others will say that it is all determined)

– … and culture (which is related to countries, we cannot give you ‘big data’ here, however it appears at first serious study that musicians who are alwo programmers will be more numerous in the United States than in other countries, because computer culture is stronger in that country than in any other one).

And we will conclude with the idea that the ‘why’ may be important, however it belong to the personal sphere.

We will conclude this short reflexion by inviting musicians-programmers or programmers-musicians to visit our website

They will find there articles related to music software technology (MIDI tutorial, music data structures, etc.). And they can contact us if they have projects and want to share them with us.

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At Arpege Music Software Development,

we want to deserve your strategic reflection about your professional targets…

F. Delsaux

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