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Music Education Expo 2014 – Arpege Music Software

For once at Arpege Music Software we decided to go to the United Kingdom and meet music educators.

So we attended to Music Education Expo 2014 on February 7-8.

Everyone of course was busy, professional, and it was not so easy to capture attention.

However we are now establishing contacts with a private teacher who is also a writer for a famous educational magazine in Great-Britain and also with a music publisher known at the global level.

Who knows if these contacts really go further ? But it is such a joy to share with clever people in the music industry and we will let you know.

In France, we have 86 points of purchase and now maybe it is time that we reach Englishmen in addition to our website.

music ed expo 2014


Music Education Expo in London : ‘the’ professional music fair in the United-Kingdom

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