Music style : Acid

Musical characteristics

The word acid means different musical genres including electronic is the main acid house.In terms of musical characteristics, the use of a sampler and synthesizer Roland TB-303 bassline (producing sounds called “acid”) next usual rock instruments is characteristic of acid house, as well as the repetitive side of this music.


Anglo-Saxon style born in the 1980s and which has ramifications to the 21th century. Acid is an electronic music which unhappily has been or may be associated with the use of LSD. Acid techno, acid trance, break acid and acid core come from acid

Main examples (music trend/composers/music pieces) :

Acid Dreams (band)

Luc Vibert (modern acid house)

Photo : Acid Dreams band in concert

Post written and published by Françoise Delsaux (Arpege Music Software Development)

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